This Week in Math Ed: September 9, 2016

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September 2: Keeping its momentum from last week, Tracy Johnston Zager's post "How Not To Start Math Class in the Fall" was again most-shared.

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September 3: In a post from war-torn Canada (math wars, that is), Paul Wells's op-ed in the Toronto Star says "No, teaching math the 'old-fashioned way' won't work."

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September 4: Christopher Danielson has been writing at a companion site for his new book, Which One Doesn't Belong?

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September 5: With the U.S. elections about two months away, I'm sure this won't be the last presidential campaign-related post we'll see popularly shared amongst the math teachers in my list. Paul Krugman wrote, "Hillary Clinton Gets Gored."

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September 6: As often happens on Tuesdays, people are sharing about that night's talk in the Global Math Department. This week it was "Cultivating Mathematical Reasoning" with Marian Small.

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September 7: Desmos has a scientific calculator. That is all.

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September 8: Amy Hogan writes about "Statistics Education & Social Justice" in her latest post, in which she talks about collecting ideas for including social justice into statistics courses. If you have something to contribute, she links to a Google Doc from her post.

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On the 13th the Global Math Department will talk about "How Definitions of Math & Equity Relate to Who Excels in Our Classes."

I'm sure I'm missing things — if you think I am, let me know what else I can include!

Research Notes

The September 2016 issue of the Mathematics Education Research Journal is out:

Daniel Reinholz, presenting at the 2015 RME conference
From AERA Open, an article about a math game:

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Professional Learning Opportunities

Do you have English learners in your class? Do you want to know more about how to help them access mathematical content? Rebekah Ottenbreit of CDE is offering "Teaching Math to English Learners" on October 18 in Grand Junction. The all-day workshop will offer tools and strategies for making math more accessible to English learners through teaching the Colorado English Proficiency (CELP) standards. You can register for the workshop on the CDE website.

Colorado School of Mines will offer weekly Saturday training sessions focused on Computer Science Principles. They are following the curriculum starting with Unit 2 on Saturday, September 10. You are welcome to attend any of the units/lessons that you think might be valuable, whether you are using or not. Details can be found at the C-START website under the CS Principles link.

Mathematics and Science Partnerships

The 2016-2017 MSP request for proposal (RFP) materials are available on the CDE website. This year's priority is the recruitment and retention of math and science teachers in high need schools. An application training webinar will be held Wednesday, September 28, from 10:00-11:00. See the website for registration details and the list of eligible schools.