This Week in Math Ed: August 19, 2016

I've been behind in my TWiME posts before, but not by this much! I'll just recap the most-shared posts from August 12-18 and save the other bits for later.

Math Ed Said

Dan Meyer "testifies" about Girl Scout cookies.
I might be missing the point of his latest blog post.
August 12: Dan Meyer says that he cares about what we share, but cares even more how we "Testify" on behalf of our work and the things we care about.

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August 13: In one of my favorite articles to come out of the 2016 Olympic Games, "This Is Why There Are So Many Ties In Swimming" gives us a little lesson on attending to precision. (And swimming pool engineering.)

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August 14: Robert Kaplinsky used some Google whiz-bangery to create a "Problem-Based Lesson Search Engine."

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August 15: Robert Kaplinsky comes at us for a second day in a row, this time with "#ObserveMe." I think this is wonderful, as I believe making our practice more public helps professionalize teaching as a field.

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August 16: Ever wish you could high-five a math teacher virtually? Now you kind of can, thanks to Sam Shah's "MTBoS High Fives."

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August 17: Henri Picciotto explains what he means when he says his stance as an educator is "Eclectic."

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August 18: The folks at Desmos announced their first cohort of Desmos Fellows.

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Looking for more? Like I said, in an effort to catch up I'll save what's new in research, the news, and other goings-on for upcoming posts.