This Week in Math Ed: April 21, 2017

Math Ed Said

April 14: If you missed the Ignite talks at this year's NCSM conference, The Math Forum has recordings of them for you here.

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April 15: What were your favorite parts of the NCSM and NCTM conferences? Tracy Johnston Zager reflects on her conference experiences with "NCSM/NCTM My Favorite." Stick around for the comments.

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April 16: Following the NCTM Annual Meeting, Andrew Gael said "We Need YOU!" and asked for feedback to help the future of NCTM's publishing committee.

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April 17: More people were sharing Andrew Gael's request for input about the future of NCTM's publishing committee.

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Kristin Umland presenting at the 2017 NCTM Annual Meeting
April 18: Congratulations to Kristin Umland for receiving the AMS Impact Award for her contributions and efforts to improve math education.

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April 19: The Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers' Society shined their Spotlight on the Profession on Christopher Danielson.

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April 20: Dan Meyer wrote "How I Present" where he describes his process for assembling a conference presentation.

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This Week in Math Ed: April 14, 2017

Math Ed Said

April 7: Desmos has a beta Geometry site, which looks to have features similar to Geogebra and Sketchpad.

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April 8: More people were sharing Desmos's Geometry site.

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April 9: More people found reasons to share "The Desmos Geometry Tool," this time with a Desmos blog post.

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April 10: If you're looking for NCSM and NCTM presentations that had connections to Illustrative Mathematics, look no further than right here.

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April 11: If you've ever wondered what you needed to know about applying to speak at NCTM, Robert Kaplinsky has some answers. The post includes links to the video of him presenting with Dan Meyer on this topic, as well as details about how speaker proposals are scored.

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April 12: With a not-so-surprising result, a "Study finds female professors outperform men in service -- to their possible professional detriment."

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Fawn Nguyen at Innov8 2016
April 13: Fawn Nguyen shared "Lillian," a post about a former student who passionately describes in a video why she's tired of trying to live up to others' expectations. Definitely worth watching.

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This Week in Math Ed: April 7, 2017

John Urschel, the breakout star of NCTM17
Perhaps my favorite part of working for the Colorado Department of Education is that I get to engage with the mathematics education community, curate what I find, and share it with others. It's part of my job. Unfortunately, I've had very little time for this lately, so instead of falling a few weeks behind, I suddenly find myself a few months behind! Can I catch up? The only way to find out is to go back to March 31st. I was away at the ASSM, NCSM, and NCTM conferences, which was great for my personal learning but tough on my blogging schedule!

Math Ed Said

March 31: Jamie Duncan pushes for number talks and other forms of promoting student arithmetic reasoning in "The Mother of Fluency." One takeaway from this post should be a need for patience and a strategy for playing the long game, instead of knee-jerk reactions to moments when students appear to lack fluency.

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April 1: announced a plaid Spring Makeover for the Desmos Graphing Calculator. For April 1, anyway.

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April 2: Math ed reporter extraordinaire Katrina Schwartz shares some Teaching Channel videos in a KQED post called, "How Kids Benefit From Learning To Explain Their Math Thinking."

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April 3: Jo Boaler writes in The Hechinger Report, "It's time to stop the clock on math anxiety; here's the latest research on how."

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April 4: Robert Kaplinsky makes an important point about the need for context when asking students about area and perimeter.

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April 5: Jo Boaler was surveying people to see which grade levels they wanted to see YouCubed make books for first.

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April 6: If you've ever looked for tutorials on how to create things in Desmos, here they are.
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