This Week in Math Ed: April 7, 2017

John Urschel, the breakout star of NCTM17
Perhaps my favorite part of working for the Colorado Department of Education is that I get to engage with the mathematics education community, curate what I find, and share it with others. It's part of my job. Unfortunately, I've had very little time for this lately, so instead of falling a few weeks behind, I suddenly find myself a few months behind! Can I catch up? The only way to find out is to go back to March 31st. I was away at the ASSM, NCSM, and NCTM conferences, which was great for my personal learning but tough on my blogging schedule!

Math Ed Said

March 31: Jamie Duncan pushes for number talks and other forms of promoting student arithmetic reasoning in "The Mother of Fluency." One takeaway from this post should be a need for patience and a strategy for playing the long game, instead of knee-jerk reactions to moments when students appear to lack fluency.

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April 1: announced a plaid Spring Makeover for the Desmos Graphing Calculator. For April 1, anyway.

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April 2: Math ed reporter extraordinaire Katrina Schwartz shares some Teaching Channel videos in a KQED post called, "How Kids Benefit From Learning To Explain Their Math Thinking."

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April 3: Jo Boaler writes in The Hechinger Report, "It's time to stop the clock on math anxiety; here's the latest research on how."

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April 4: Robert Kaplinsky makes an important point about the need for context when asking students about area and perimeter.

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April 5: Jo Boaler was surveying people to see which grade levels they wanted to see YouCubed make books for first.

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April 6: If you've ever looked for tutorials on how to create things in Desmos, here they are.
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