Update: The nomination for Elizabeth Fennema's NCTM Lifetime Achievement Award has been submitted!

The materials for Elizabeth Fennema's nomination for an NCTM Lifetime Achievement Award have been submitted! When I started this a few weeks ago (see my previous post), I really didn't know how much support I'd get. But do you know what? I found out that if you mention Fennema's name in the subject of your email, her collaborators and colleagues will reply, write letters, share petitions, and tell you stories. So I must thank Megan Franke, Jodean Grunow, Janice Gratch (with help from early CGI study teachers!), Linda Levi, and Walter Secada for writing five wonderful letters of recommendation. And I also need to thank David Webb, Meg Meyer, and Diana Kasbaum for helping to connect me with these generous friends of Elizabeth's, and to thank Farshid Safi for providing a list of Fennema's doctoral students. I didn't ask the letter writers for permission to share their letters to the world, but I'm posting the rest of the nomination materials below. We ended up with 276 co-signers of the nomination, including previous NCTM Lifetime Awardees Johnny Lott, Ed Dickey, Ed Silver, Frank Lester, Judith Jacobs, Douglas Grouws, Shirley Frye, and Mary Lindquist. Signatures were still coming in when I finalized the letter, so my apologies if you signed late today and your name didn't get included by the time I needed to email the nomination to NCTM. (I see you, Cathy Seeley!)