This Week in Math Ed: July 22, 2016

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July 15: Christopher Danielson announced his new book, "Which One Doesn't Belong?" will be available on August 15th.

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July 16: Tina Palmer shared a post called "What I Learned at Twitter Math Camp Today (and it had nothing to do with math)." As the title says, it's not about math, but it is a passionate reflection about relative safety and the communities we can create for each other.

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July 17: Fellow Coloradan Lisa Bejarano Accountable Talk / Sentence Starters shared slides with prompts designed to support high-quality classroom discourse.

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July 18: There was a tie between six different posts shared five times each, but the only math-focused on with new content was "10,000 Kicks: Practice in the Mathematics Classroom," an NCTM Mathematics Teacher blog post written by Tim Hickey, a high school math teacher from Virginia. The post struck a nerve with some, as the math community is hardly unified when it comes to the issue of worksheets and practice. NCTM's choice to publish and promote this is an example of the growing pains I think we'll see as they try to give more voice to their members and those members do not all agree.

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July 19: David Butler teaches us about the Lunes of Alhazen in "David Butler and the Prisoner of Alhazen," a bit of very cool equal-area geometry discovered about a thousand years ago.

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July 20: Jose Vilson blogged about his choice to give a keynote at TMC16. The post, "Twitter Math Camp and the Convergence of The Work," has video of the keynote and rationalizes reasons for bringing math and social justice issues together in the keynote.

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July 21: Julie Reulbach does us all a favor and gives us links and tips to "Experience (or Re-live) #TMC16, Virtually."

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Research Notes

The September 2016 issue of Educational Studies in Mathematics is out:
Here are four more articles added to the September 2016 issue of The Journal of Mathematical Behavior:

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