This Week in Math Ed: July 29, 2016

I was out bike touring my home state last week, but here's my quick attempt to recap some of what happened last week in math ed.

Math Ed Said

July 22: Sam Shah calls on us to "#ExpandMTBoS," his way of asking us to help expand the online math teacher community. Maybe this means a local tweet-up, a presentation to your department or school, creating a new online resource, or contributing to an existing effort. As for me, I'm going to continue with TWiME and I hope to keep adding content — and hopefully more contributors — to the Wiki.

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July 23: In another plea to the online math teacher community, Julie Reulbach is "Calling All Algebra 2 Teachers!" to contribute their resources for the upcoming year.

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July 24: David Butler writes, "TMC16 reflections from someone who wasn’t there."

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July 25: Joe Schwartz shared a photo-rich post, "Touching Calculus," which recounts an experience he had working with shapes at TMC16.

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July 26: Folks were happy to share the news that the Global Math Department would return with new talks the following week.

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July 27: NCTM President Matt Larson responds to Diane Ravitch in a post, "A Comment on the July 24 New York Times Opinion Page." Matt highlights the alignments between NCTM positions and some of Diane's critiques, but argues that standards are still one key piece in ensuring that all students have access to high quality mathematics, and that in most ways, the Common Core State Standards are an improvement over the state standards that preceeded them.

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July 28: This Chalkbeat story by Elizabeth Green displays some ways math can be incorporated into "restorative justice" classroom techniques.

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That's all for last week — I'll catch up with research, news, and more stories in the next TWiME!