This Week in Math Ed: July 15, 2016

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July 8: A New York Times op-ed says we should "Train Teachers Like Doctors." They make an important point: teachers with high-quality resisdency (student teaching) programs tend to stay in the profession longer. With teacher education enrollment currently in decline, it's a high priority to keep the teachers we are producing in the profession longer.

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July 9: I'm not exactly sure what triggered the resharing of this 2011 blog post (an Alfie Kohn tweet, possibly?) but it gets at one of my pet peeves about how objectives are presented in the classroom. In "Objectively Speaking," Mike Fishback argues against the posting of learning objectives to begin a lesson, saying it takes away from students' agency as learners. I agree, especially when this happens in the form of, "Okay class, take out your notebooks and write down today's objective." If you can instead get to "Okay class, given what we did the past few days, what do you think we need to figure out next?" and build a common understanding around that, then that's a very different way of establishing the lesson's objective.

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July 10: I'll give you two to choose from, each shared by four people:
  1. "To White Teachers Shouting 'Black Lives Matter.'" by Tom Rademacher
  2. "Critical Thinking in Academia and Calling a Spade a Spade" by Rafranz Davis
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July 11: People were talking about Sumaze!, a problem-solving app from MEI and Sigma Network. I don't spend enough time testing out math-related apps, but I'm glad I checked out this one. (Opinion: The quality of the math far exceeds the quality of the music. But that's better than many math apps which are the opposite!)

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July 12: Suzanne Alejandre announced that there is a Math and Social Justice Q&A now on The Math Forum.

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July 13: For this month's #TCMchat, the discussion revolved "13 Rules That Expire", a Teaching Children Mathematics article by Karen Karp, Sarah Bush, and Barbara Dougherty.

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July 14: Marilyn Burns shared her post, "Word Problems," with a warning about how key word strategies do not help.

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Math Twitter is abuzz with posts from TMC, being held this year on the campus of Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN. You can follow the #TMC16 hashtag, and Stacia McFadden created Storify posts for the morning and afternoon of Day 1 and the morning of Day 2 (so far).

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New in the June/July issue of Educational Researcher:
The August 2016 issue of the Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education is out:
The Journal of Urban Mathematics Education has published its first issue of 2016:

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It's that time of the summer where some weeks go by without much math education coverage (or good coverage) in the news. So you'll have to seek it out yourself or just wait until next week.

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I made it through a week with nobody asking me to post a new job opening, so I hope that means positions are filling and teachers are settling in and readying themselves for a new school year. If I hear anything new, I'll post it next week.