This Week in Math Ed: March 3, 2017

Math Ed Said

February 24: Desmos announced that information about the Desmos Fellowship Cohort 2 would be coming soon.

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February 25: Gregory Taylor gives us a long and lively recap of a PD day keynoted by Peter Liljedahl.

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February 26: If you've ever wanted some of the PCMI experience but can't make it to Park City, the program does have a number of outreach programs that bring PCMI to the web and maybe even a city near you.

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February 27: The NCTM Annual Meeting program is here and the conference is right around the corner.

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February 28: I'd never heard of this mathy day, but this Scientific American article by Evelyn Lamb told me "How to Celebrate Fatou's Day."

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March 1: Self explanatory: Applications Are Open for Cohort 2 of the Desmos Teaching Fellowship!

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March 2: If you're looking for resources related to growth mindset, check out this Youcubed archive of papers, videos, handouts, and other materials.

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