This Week in Math Ed: March 10, 2017

Math Ed Said

March 3: What's MysteryGrid? If I told you, it wouldn't be much of a mystery, would it?

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March 4: People were buzzing about the "Beyond Answers Webinar," which has since passed. An archive is accessible for a fee.

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March 5: Here's Marilyn Burns with a blog post about playing a math game with second graders called, "Oh No! 99!"

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March 6: "Solving the Math Problem" is a video clip about some kids who attended a Youcubed summer camp.

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March 7: If you missed it on the 6th, it was back on the 7th by popular demand: "Solving the Math Problem."

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March 8: Ben Orlin asks, "How much of high school math would be easier if students understood that graphs express relationships between variables?" in his post, "Lines Beyond y = mx + b." I think of this as another example described by Sfard (1991), where learners need to make the leap from understanding something as a process to understanding it as an object.

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March 9: Warning: This will take more than five seconds. But maybe not much more. Dan Meyer writes, "The Difference Between Math and Modeling with Math in Five Seconds."

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