This Week in Math Ed: September 30, 2016

Math Ed Said

September 23: Mark McCourt writes about "#MasteryFail," detailing some of the ways he sees and hears poor practice paraded under a banner of "mastery," such as teaching skills in isolation or hearing someone say, "We do mastery on Tuesdays."

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September 24: Alice Keeler wrote in the Fresno Bee, "I turn 40 next month and, for pretty much my whole life, I have felt dumb. I’m not."

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September 25: What's special about the date 9/25/16? You can count on Patrick Honner to tell us.

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September 26: Christopher Danielson wrote in the TCM blog, "The power of having more than one right answer: Ambiguity in math class."

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September 27: Carmel Schettino wrote in the MT blog, "Aspects of Problem-Based Teaching." In this and future posts, she'll be discussing aspects of problem-based teaching and connections to mathematical practices.

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September 28: Ilana Horn is looking for a postdoc, and she got some help with her search from others on Twitter.

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September 29: Wednesday the 28th marked the debut of #MTchat, which NCTM Storified at "Snapshots of Equitable Teaching in a Highly Diverse Classroom (with images, tweets)."

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Around the Math Ed Web

Michelle Stephan at the 2015 NCTM Research Conference
ASCD is hosting a webinar on October 27th called "Lesson Imaging in Mathematics and Science: Mindfully Planning for Inquiry Instruction." The Speakers are Michelle Stephan, David Pugalee, Julie Cline, and Chris Cline, and you can register here.

Last week the Global Math Department had Chritina Tondevold presenting "3 Reasons Kids Don't Know Facts and How to Help." This week, it's Linda Dacey and "Unleashing the Power of Math Games and Puzzles, K-5."

Research Notes

The October 2016 issue of Educational Studies in Mathematics is out with these articles:
Kicking off the December 2016 issue of The Journal of Mathematical Behavior, we have:
In the January 2017 (really?) issue of Teaching and Teacher Education, you'll find:

I usually don't monitor IES on a week-to-week basis, but this study got my attention:

Math Ed in the News

Math Ed in Colorado

Boaler Book Study

Cassie Harrelson's book study of Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler starts today on COPilot! Participants will need to purchase the book and register online ($45 for CEA members; $145 for non-members). The study will last for 5 weeks and you should email Cassie if you have any questions.

MSP Grants

If interested in applying for a Mathematics and Science Partnership grant, please submit a letter of intent via SurveyMonkey by Oct. 5. Applications will be due Monday, Nov. 14. For additional information and to access the application, please visit the MSP webpage.

Teaching English Learners

Do you have English learners in your class? Do you want to know more about how to help them access mathematical content? Rebekah Ottenbreit of CDE is offering "Teaching Math to English Learners" on October 18 in Grand Junction. The all-day workshop will offer tools and strategies for making math more accessible to English learners through teaching the Colorado English Proficiency (CELP) standards. You can register for the workshop on the CDE website.

Math on the "Planes"

Math on the "Planes", Colorado's conference specializing on the mathematical learning of students with learning disabilities, is limited to 60 participants this year. To secure your spot, register now!

A Look Back at the CCTM Conference

Big thanks to all of you who attended last week's CCTM Conference! It was a packed two days and I want to thank the conference organizers for making it come together. In the coming months, CCTM will be reaching out to Colorado educators to get ideas for next year's conference and on how to serve you best. I spent most of my time at the conference taking pictures, which I've now posted. Here are a few highlights:

2016 CCTM Conference Photo Highlights