Planning for NCTM 2013

It's going to be a busy, busy week. The advantage of having a major conference in your backyard is that you feel like you can go to everything, but the disadvantage is the feeling you should be going to everything despite local distractions and responsibilities that don't go away. I try to get my money's worth at conferences; I think when I went to the Annual Meeting in 2008 in Salt Lake City I attended 17 sessions across the four days. We'll see if I set a new personal record this year. I'll be attending both the Research Presession and the Annual Meeting and have attempted to describe my schedule below.


Before getting into what I hope to attend, there are a number of opportunities to learn about Realistic Mathematics Education at this year's conference. I don't have a definitive list, but these are the RME-related sessions I'm aware of:


1:00 - Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, Marc van Zanten, et al (Room 103, Colorado Convention Center)
Mathematics Curriculum Design and Development in the East and West

4:45 - +Fred Peck (Lobby A, Colorado Convention Center)
How Do Students Reinvent Their Mathematics? A Study Involving Slope


2:45 - Mieke Abels, +Michael Matassa Jr., & +Raymond Johnson (Mile High 3 A, Convention Center)
Making Sense of Algebra with Realistic Mathematics Education

2:45 - +David Webb (Centennial Ballroom G/H, Hyatt Regency)
Promoting Student Reasoning and Understanding by Using Representational Pathways

(Putting Mieke and David head-to-head in the schedule was not something we RME folks wanted, but that's the way it is.)


12:30 - +Ryan Grover (702, Convention Center)
lim_{calculus → RME} f(calculus) = :-D


10:00 - Britannica Digital Learning (Exhibitor Workshop, 304, Convention Center)
Meeting the Practice Standards with Models from Math in Context

My Schedule

(Yes, I overschedule. It's good practice for when sessions are full, get cancelled, or when you just can't decide.)


5:30 - Jacqueline G Van Schooneveld (Lobby A, Colorado Convention Center)
Lesson Plan Evaluation Instrument: Assessing Math Lesson Plans

5:30 - Janet Mercado, Rossella Santagata, & Sonja Mohr (Lobby A, Colorado Convention Center)
Mathematics Knowledge and Beliefs and Their Relationships in Preservice Teachers

7:00 - Kenneth Zeichner (Rooms 205/207, Colorado Convention Center)
The Struggle for the Soul of Teaching and Teacher Education


8:30 - Anne Foegen, Barbara J. Dougherty, Vickie L. Spain, Jeannette R. Olson, and Subha Singamaneni (Room 107/109, Colorado Convention Center)
Building Progress Monitoring Measures for Algebra: Exploring Items and Scores

10:30 - I'll be planning for one of my presentations on Thursday, but if I weren't I'd probably be headed to Interactive Paper Session 9 (for papers here, here, and here) or Jere Confrey's session.

1:00 - Alison Castro Superfine, James Lynn, Timothy M. Stoelinga, Mara V. Martinez, Cynthia L. Schneider, and Diane J. Briars (Room 205/207, Colorado Convention Center)
Supporting Underprepared Algebra Students: Results from a Design-Based Research Program

1:00 - +Douglas Clements, Julie Sarama, Curtis Tatsuoka, Kikumi Tatsuoka, and Elvira Khasanova (Room 107/109, Colorado Convention Center)
Using Learning Trajectories to Create Cognitively Diagnostic Adaptive Assessments

3:00 - Dawn Berk, James Hiebert, +Amanda Jansen, Anne Morris, Laura Cline, Heather Gallivan, Erin Meikle, and Emily Miller (Room 102, Colorado Convention Center)
Effects of Mathematics Teacher Preparation on Teacher Knowledge and Practice

3:00 - +Pat Herbst, Daniel Chazan, +Karl Kosko+wendy rose aaron, Justin Dimmel, Orly Buchbinder, and Ander W. Erickson (Room 104, Colorado Convention Center)

4:45 - +Fred Peck (Lobby A, Colorado Convention Center)
How Do Students Reinvent Their Mathematics? A Study Involving Slope

4:45 - +Edd Taylor and Tracey E. Dobie (Lobby A, Colorado Convention Center)
Religious Engagement and Context in Mathematical Problem Solving

4:45 - Corey Webel (Lobby A, Colorado Convention Center)
Secondary Mathematics Teachers Negotiating Obligations and Goals: Two Case Studies

4:45 - +Janine Remillard, Jacqueline G. Van Schooneveld, and Enakshi Bose (Lobby A, Colorado Convention Center)
Teacher Adaptations of Homework: A Window into Curriculum Enactment

4:45 - Sara Lohrman Hartman (Lobby A, Colorado Convention Center)
Rural School Math Coaching: Lessons from a Yearlong Case Study


8:30 - Geoffrey Saxe, Maryl Gearhart, Ronli Diakow, Nicole Leveille Buchanan, Jennifer Collett, Bona Kang, Kenton De Kirby, and Marie Le (Rooms 205/207, Colorado Convention Center)
Engagement in Mathematical Discussion: Linking Practices and Outcomes

10:30 - +Jo Boaler (Rooms 205/207, Colorado Convention Center)
Using Research to Make a Difference

1:00 - +Janine Remillard, Ok-Kyeong Kim, Luke Reinke, Napthalin A. Atanga, Joshua Taton, Dustin O. Smith, Hendrik Van Steenbrugge, and Shari Lewis (Room 105, Colorado Convention Center)
Using Curriculum Materials to Design and Enact instruction

3:00 - Interactive Paper Session 22 (papers here, here, and here, Room 110/112, Colorado Convention Center)

5:30 - Mayim Bialik (Bellco Theater, Convention Center)
The Power of Just One Teacher


(If you can't find good sessions on Thursday, I'm pretty sure you're at the wrong conference. I wish I could be in multiple places at once!)

8:00 - +Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama (Capitol Ballroom 4, Hyatt Regency)
Math Lessons from Research

8:00 - Daniel Chazan, Mark Driscoll, and Megan Franke (Mile High 1 C/D, Convention Center)
Teaching and Learning of Algebraic Thinking: Research Insights

9:30 - Daniel Chazan (207, Convention Center)
Algebraic Thinking When Solving Equations and Doing Word Problems

10:30 - I'll be using this for last-minute planning for my afternoon sessions. If you think you might be interested in graduate studies in mathematics education, I'd recommend the 11:30 talk from +Amy Ellis+Anita Wager, and Eric Knuth in 704/706 of the Convention Center.

12:30 - +Alan Schoenfeld (Four Seasons 2/3, Convention Center)
Meeting the Challenges of the Common Core Standards
(I'm sure I'll miss this one, but I hope it's on MathRecap.)

1:00 - +Raymond Johnson and +Susan Thomas (Mineral Hall D/E, Hyatt Regency)
Statistical Reasoning in the Middle School

2:45 - +Mieke Abels+Michael Matassa Jr., and +Raymond Johnson (Mile High 3A, Convention Center)
Making Sense of Algebra with Realistic Mathematics Education


8:00 - Doug Sovde (Four Seasons 1, Convention Center)
PARCC: An Interactive Progress Update

9:30 - Steven Leinwand (Four Seasons 1, Convention Center)
Essential Mindsets for Tilling the Soil for the Common Core

11:00 - Emily Thrasher and Ayanna Franklyn (605, Convention Center)
Supporting Beginning Teachers through Online Social Communities

11:30 - Mark Ellis, Chris Stapel, and Cynthia A. Miller (704/706, Convention Center)
International Perspectives on Preparing Mathematics Teachers

12:30 - Kichoon Yang (Mile High 1 C/D, Convention Center)
NCTM Business Meeting

12:30 - +Ryan Grover (702, Convention Center)
lim_{calculus → RME} f(calculus) = :-D

2:00 - Matthew R. Larson (Mile High 1 C/D, Convention Center)
Implementing the Common Core State Standards: Five Paradigm Shifts

2:00 - Christian Hirsch (203, Convention Center)
Mathematical Modeling: The Core of the Common Core State Standards

2:45 - Heather Howell, Barbara Weren, and Shona Ruiz Diaz (110/112, Convention Center)
Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Measures as Opportunities for Professional Learning

2:45 - NCTM Professional Development Services Committee (603, Convention Center)
Building Mathematics Learning Communities with NCTM Reflection Guides

3:30 - Francis Skip Fennell, John Wray, and Beth Kobett (Four Seasons 2/3, Convention Center)
Math Specialists Get Ready Now: Common Core Assessments Are Coming


8:00 - Zalman Usiskin (Four Seasons 2/3, Convention Center)
Mathematical Understanding in the Common Core Standards

9:30 - Frank K. Lester (Mile High 1 C/D, Convention Center)
Whatever Happened to Problem Solving in the Math Curriculum?

9:45 - Cheryl Fricchione and Diane Austin (607, Convention Center)
An Invitation to Experience Online Lesson Study Firsthand

11:00 - +Dan Meyer (Four Seasons 1, Convention Center)
Tools and Technology for Modern Math Teaching

11:30 - Patrick Scott and Ann Lawrence (607, Convention Center)
Lessons from the U.S. National Presentation at ICME-12 in Korea

12:30 - Vi Hart and George Hart (Four Seasons 2/3, Convention Center)
Viral Math Videos: A Hart-to-Hart Conversation

Reminder: You can catch some of what you might miss at MathRecap, and if you're attending the conference I encourage you to contribute!