So Long, D.C.: ASSM Annual Meeting Day 4

Diana Suddreth

Today was a quick half-day to wrap up the ASSM Annual Meeting. We began with another portion of our business meeting where we honored Joleigh Honey as she achieved emeritus status, recognized the work of ASSMs many committees and interest groups, and previewed some of ASSM's works in progress. That transitioned nicely to a half hour looking at the work of our assessment SIG, led by Andy Byerley and Mary Pittman.

Eboney McKinney, Joleigh Honey, and Lisa Ashe

We then got over an hour to spend with Nafeesa Owens from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Although it seems like the White House OSTP just updated our national STEM strategic plan, that was 2018 and the White House tries to update this plan every 5 years. The OSTP is organizing itself around a 5-part framework that includes STEM education, STEM engagement, STEM research and innovation, STEM workforce issues, and STEM workforce development. Nafeesa very patiently listened to a whole host of concerns and suggestions across a wide range of STEM-related issues.

Nafeesa Owens

We wrapped up our meeting with the end of the business meeting. This included details about next year's meeting in Chicago, recognizing members leaving the board, and acknowledging those who are either starting or continuing their service as board members.

Arlene Crum

2022-2023 Board of Directors

2023-2024 Board of Directors