This Week in Math Ed: January 13, 2017

If it hasn't become obvious, I'm struggling to get TWiME out on a regular basis. Until the crunch of finishing my Ph.D. is done, I may have to rely on abbreviated versions of TWiME for a while. I don't want to give it up entirely but there's only so much time in a week!

Math Ed Said

January 6: Annie Perkins put together a teacher guide for the movie Hidden Figures."

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Michael Pershan at the 2015 NCTM Annual Meeting
January 7: I urge you to read Michael Pershan's "Missing Factors: On Learning What You Don't Know." It's a long and thoughtful post focused on a student, Rachel, who struggles with basic facts despite the best efforts of her teachers. I love that this post caused Marilyn Burns to say in a comment, "There have been times in my teaching experience where I've had students bring me to my pedagogical knees." I'm guessing most of us have, and openly discussing those struggles gives us opportunities to overcome them.

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January 8: Are you ready for another long, thoughtful post? Francis Su wrote "Mathematics for Human Flourishing," a recap of his retiring presidential address given at the Joint Math Meetings.

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January 9: In case you didn't read it on the 8th, it's back for the 9th: "Mathematics for Human Flourishing" by Francis Su.

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January 10: If you missed Michael Pershan's "Missing Factors: On Learning What You Don't Know" on the 7th, I hope you saw it on the 10th.

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January 11: Andrew Garrett, a software engineer for Google, wrote "New Google Classroom features make it easier to learn, teach, manage and build."

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January 12: There was some Desmos news that got people excited, but instead I'll draw your attention to the "Math Autobiographies" that people are writing and sharing in response to the first chapter of Tracy Johnston Zager's new book. (You'll see the Desmos news in the coming days, so you're not missing anything!)

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Like I said, I need to keep TWiME a bit shorter for a while. See you in the next one!