This Week in Math Ed: December 9, 2016

Hello from Chicago! I'm in the greater O'Hare airport area this week working on PARCC rangefinder review for the upcoming 2017 testing window. "Rangefinder review" is that stage in the assessment process where we prepare the student work examples that will be used to train scorers to deal with the range of answer responses they're likely to see on each PARCC exam. For me, the best part of this has to be the variety of student work I'm being exposed to across a series of items.

Math Ed Said

December 2: People were sharing concerns related to a Politico story about Betsy DeVos, who is slated to be the U.S.'s next Secretary of Education.

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December 2016 GMD Webinars
December 3: The Global Math Department announced three webinars for the month of December. People shared.

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December 4: Remember, TWiME isn't the only summary of the week's happenings in mathematics education. You can also check out the Ontario math links, such as this well-shared post from last week.

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December 5: Most of us couldn't attend CMC North, but Dan Meyer posted the "#CMCMath Opening Keynote Address, 'Practice Problems'," that he did with Shira Helft, Juana de Anda, and Fawn Nguyen.

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December 6: Tuesday was Global Math night, so pepole shared the link to that night's talk, "Clothesline Math: The Master Number Sense Maker" by Andrew Stadel and Chris Shore.

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December 7: Ben Orlin is back for more Math With Bad Drawings, this time with "Viral Math News Stories."

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December 8: As you can see from the long list of names below, Graham Fletcher's Making Sense Series of progressions videos has garnered a well-deserved following. In his latest installment, Graham describes "The Progression of Fractions."

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Around the Math Ed Web

#TCMchat comes on Wednesday, December 14th. The focus will be the article "Relational Thinking: What's the Difference?" by Ian Whitacre, Robert C. Schoen, Zachary Champagne, and Andrea Goddard.

Last week's GMD talk was mentioned above, and this week's is "Favorite Tech Tools" with Julia Finneyfrock, Julie Reulbach, and Shauna Hedgepeth.

The Mathematics Leadership Programs at Mount Holyoke College has arranged for an online course starting in January 2017 that brings together many well-known math ed people from Twitter. Titled "Effective Practices for Advancing the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics (K-12)," the course features 10 sessions with 10 instructors: Kaneka Turner, Graham Fletcher, Elham Kazemi, Zak Champagne, Kristen Gray, Dan Meyer, Tracy Zager, Mike Flynn, Fawn Nguyen, and Andrew Stadel.

TNTP is taking nominations and applications for their Fishman Prize. The prize honors 100 inspiring public school teachers each year for their ability to create challenging and engaging classrooms for all of their students. Four winners receive $25,000 and six finalists receive $1,000.

Research Notes

The March 2017 issue of The Journal of Mathematical Behavior includes:
The Fall 2016 issue of the Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College is out:

Math Ed in the News

Oh, Canada, you're getting a lot of attention in the math ed news! The recently released PISA results are fueling a lot of nation-sized self-reflection this week.

Math Ed in Colorado

Online Standards Review System Extended Until Feb. 17

As CDE continues to develop its plan to guide the upcoming standards review and revision process, the department is actively seeking feedback on the Colorado Academic Standards from all interested parties. In November, CDE launched an online standards review system which enables all Coloradoans to provide specific feedback on each and every expectation within all 10 content areas of the Colorado Academic Standards. To provide sufficient time for meaningful feedback, the department has extended the timeline to provide feedback to Friday, February 17, 2017.

The results of the feedback received through the online system will inform the department's planning for the upcoming review and revision of the standards, required by Senate Bill 08-212, known as Colorado's Achievement Plan for Kids (CAP4K). The law requires a review and revision of the Colorado Academic Standards on or before July 1, 2018 and every six years thereafter.

In early 2017, CDE will provide comprehensive information about the timeline and phases of the standards review and revision process as well as information about how to become involved.

The online standards feedback system can be found at

PARCC Released Items

PARCC has released a new set of items for grades 3-8. These are items that have been used on operational test multiple times and were slated for retirement, and the set of items approximates the content coverage of a typical test. High school items should be released in early 2017.

Math on the "Planes"

Registration for next February's conference is open. The focus will be Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions for K-5 math students, with Dr. Karen Karp as the workshop leader. CCLD encourages you to apply for a Mikkelson Mathematics and Science Teachers Scholarship to cover the costs, as MOTP attendees from outside the metro area are eligible for travel, lodging, and registration reimbursement.