This Week in Math Ed: June 10, 2016

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June 3: The Math Munch for June 2, "SET, Ptolemy, and Malin Christersson," was the most-shared item on the 3rd.

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June 4: Ryan Dent shared "Teachers understanding progressions...and kids that are "behind" in what appears to be his first blog post (at least at this site). This post reminds me of a recent university seminar presented by a math educator to non-math educators. When the math educator described having teachers engage in math tasks for professional learning, a non-math educator remarked, "I'm really surprised that you'd have them do that. I assumed math teachers know their content and there'd be nothing to discuss."

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June 5: Terence Tao mixed politics and logic in his post, "It ought to be common knowledge that Donald Trump is not fit for the presidency of the United States of America."

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June 6: A short interview with Matt Larson appeared on the Curriculum Matters blog at Ed Week: "New NCTM President: Math Is About More Than College and Career Readiness." In the interview, Larson emphasizes math as a path to democratic citizenship and making NCTM more responsive to its members.

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June 7: Chris Lusto spurred a lot of great conversation last week with his post, "Lessons for Other People." As someone who likes to think about and build infrastructures for curriculum materials, and who researches curriculum adaptation, I'm very interested in how to make lesson repositories more useful, and how to make the materials they contain high quality without losing their perceived malleability. That's not an easy balance to achieve. I'm also in a position where I'm not thinking about a lesson written or adapted by one teacher for one classroom. I'm more likely to ask the question, "How can we capture this teacher's adaptations of their lesson so they might benefit a different teacher using the lesson five years from now?" None of these have easy answers, but you'll want to check out Dan Meyer's response as well as one from Max Ray-Riek.

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Lynsey Gibbons presenting at the 2016 NCTM Research Conference
June 8: If you missed the latest #TCMchat you can look back at the tweets and read the focus article, "Unwrapping Students' Ideas about Fractions," written by Rebecca Lewis, Lynsey Gibbons, Elham Kazemi, and Teresa Lind.

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June 9: Ilana Horn describes the need to narrow the gap between being curious and being a good student in her post, "Why Meaningful Math Learning Matters."

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AMTE President Christine Thomas wrote about a possible reforming of the Mathematical Sciences Education Board, which has been dormant at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine for a decade. AMTE also released survey results about enrollment in mathematics teacher preparation programs.

At the Global Math Department this week you can listen to teachers share their favorite strategies for handling the end of the school year. If you missed it, last week's talk by Roni Ellington about a discourse framework for access, equity, and understanding has been posted to the site.

Research Notes

Here's the latest from the July 2016 issue of Educational Studies in Mathematics:
Anna DeJarnette presenting at the 2015 RME Conference
Two more articles have been added to the September 2016 issue of the Journal of Mathematical Behavior:
I spotted this math ed-related article in the CU-Boulder-rich issue of Cognition and Instruction:
Here's a math-related article from the June 2016 issue of The Elementary School Journal:

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  • The Clear Creek School District is looking for a middle school math teacher. Apply on their website.
  • Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, CO, needs a math teacher for grades 9-12. At this time, the schedule includes Algebra 1 and several honors classes, including Precalculus. Bailey is a beautiful, small mountain community about an hour southwest of Denver and PCHS enrolls about 300 students. Class sizes are in the twenties or lower. Please apply to
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