This Week in Math Ed: May 27, 2016

I hope everyone had a restful holiday weekend! This week's TWiME is coming out later than most (I got sucked deep into some project work!), but don't let that keep you from checking out all the great things to hit the world of math ed last week.

Math Ed Said

Ilana Horn at the 2016 NCTM Research Conference
May 20: Ilana Horn wrote, "Who Belongs in our Math Classrooms?," a wonderful post about student affect and what kind of teacher actions and classroom cultures get in the way of students feeling like they belong.

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May 21: Are you ready for "The Summer of Math?" Christopher Danielson is, and he wants to help you be ready, too. Christopher has put together a subscription service where you can get a monthly box of math goodies to help keep your kids thinking mathematically all summer long.

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May 22: John Rowe shows off a number of approaches to periodic functions, each of which was inspired by work of other Twitter-using math teachers. In this post you'll see a mix of "Which One Doesn't Belong," some Desmos activities, and "reversing the question."

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May 23: Katrina Schwartz is back yet again with another post on the KQED MindShift blog. "How A Strengths-Based Approach to Math Redefines Who Is 'Smart' uses the recent NCTM session about "Railside High" to describe complex instruction and efforts to change the culture of math classrooms and math departments.

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May 24: In a post about so-called "second math classes," Sara VanDerWerf describes "The #1 thing I did in my support math classes." Sara provides a long list of good ideas, focusing in on what she thinks is the single most important thing to help students who persistently struggle in math classes.

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May 25: Jamie Duncan wrote "First Grade Fraction Talks... What?." I wondered how she did this without straying too far from the Grade 1 standards, but I think she did so rather nicely — there's no use of fraction notation, and students reasoned their way by focusing on the number and relative sizes of shapes.

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May 26: Fawn Nguyen shared a post called, "A Lesson Salvaged" in which she describes how a MAP went poorly, and how she gave the task a second try with the help of Geometer's Sketchpad.

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Around the Math Ed Web

I'm keeping this very short and very simple this week: Last week's Global Math Department talk is here (on interleaved problems), this week's is here (on the math behind game shows), and be aware that due to technical difficulties, NCSM has extended their proposal deadline for next year's annual conference to June 3rd.

Research Notes

The first few articles have been added to the September 2016 volume of The Journal of Mathematical Behavior:
In what's being called "Volume 2, Issue 2 Supplement" for July 2016 (rather than Issue 6, I guess, which would have been next), here's more from the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education:
Here's something mathy and new from Teaching and Teacher Education:
The University of Exeter reorganized their website and wiped out Paul Ernest's archives of the Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal. I found Ernest's new faculty page and hope an updated link appears there soon.

Math Ed in the News

There really wasn't a whole lot of math ed-related news for the 7 days of May 20-26, but I found this (and look forward to seeing how Common Core is discussed in Texas at next year's NCTM Annual Meeting in San Antonio):

Math Ed in Colorado

I have little new to report here, but I'm excited that Geometry Point in Romero Park is open in Lafayette! I'll have to grab my camera and check it out someday soon.