This Week in Math Ed: February 5, 2016

Math Ed Said

January 29: 11 people shared this Teaching Channel story by Kristin Gray about math resources she's shared on a Pinterest board. Thanks for sharing goes to Jennifer Wilson, Margie Pearse, Rusty Anderson, Simon Gregg, John Golden, Kassia Wedekind, Crystal, Allison Hintz, Jennifer Bell, Jill Gough, and Kristin herself. One note I'll add, however: Just because there's good stuff on a website, that doesn't mean everything on the site is good stuff. Don't be random, and heed these warnings:

January 30: A bunch of things were shared by 3 people in my Math Ed Twitter list. (Hey, it was a Saturday.) I won't name all the sharers and re-sharers, but here are the stories:
January 31: The most-shared post of the past week, and deservedly so, was Graham Fletcher's "The Progression of Division". Emily Campbell, Allison Hintz, Joe Schwartz, Andrew Gael, Jennifer Lawler, John Golden, Mister Suever, Bridget Dunbar, Tim McCaffrey, Simon Gregg, Kristin Gray, Denis Sheeran, and Kent Haines all made sure we didn't miss it.

February 1: I'll just highlight one of the most-shared posts from last Monday: "Many Parents Hated Common Core Math at First, Before Figuring It Out", by Jay Mathews. Thanks to Tracy Johnston Zager, Jody Guarino, Ted Coe, David Coffey, Mike Flynn, and Karen King for sharing. (Five more shared this on February 2, too.)

February 2: Happy MATHog Day! Sharers were, Denis Sheeran, Jeremiah Ruesch, Audrey McLaren, Cathy Yenca, and Norma Gordon.

February 3: Another very popular post from Ben Orlin: "How to Edit Your Math Pessimism". Thanks Dan Anderson, Josh Giesbrecht, John Golden, Joshua Bowman, John Golden, Kate Johnson, TJ Hitchman, Geoff Krall, Eric Retan, Simon Gregg, Robert Talbert, Audrey McLaren, and Taylor Belcher.

February 4: A tie: (1) "Why I Am Not Quitting Teaching" by Anne Schwartz (shared by Anne, Michelle, Jonathan Claydon, Geoff Krall, and Anna Blinstein), and (2) "How Adding Math to a Child's Home Routine Can Advance Achievement" by Eric Westervelt (shared by John Golden, Farshid Safi, Margie Pearse, Alex Jaffurs, and Rusty Anderson).

Around the Math Ed Web

At Global Math this week's talk was about using Google Apps for math and next week's topic is "Social Emotional Learning in Mathematics". This is also a good time to remind you that the GMD has an excellent weekly news update of their own in newsletter form. Sign up!

NCTM is accepting proposals for their new "Innov8" conference to be held this November 16-18 in St. Louis. Act fast: the proposal deadline is March 1!

Research Notes

I usually just look for new issues of journals, instead of noting every "Online First" article that's not yet assigned to an issue. Maybe I should always compile the latest everything, but it makes it more difficult to keep track of things. I'll make an exception this week, though, because I'm one of the authors!

The March 2016 issue of Educational Studies in Mathematics geeks out about commognition, where math learning is seen as a change in a person's mathematical discourse. Articles include:
Sam Severance and Bill Penuel, two of my Inquiry Hub collaborators
In the Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, an article titled "Teachers, Tasks, and Tensions: Lessons from a Research-Practice Partnership appeared online. I wrote the article along with Sam Severance, Bill Penuel, and Heather Leary, and it looks at different kinds of design tensions that arose during the math-focused phase of our Inquiry Hub work. I'm working now to get a permanent, open access home for the pre-print on, and I'll follow up with more details about the article (both the content and the process of publication) soon.

Math Ed in the News

Math Ed in Colorado

I had a great time at my first CCTM board meeting last Saturday in Cherry Creek. It seemed like one way or another, most every conversation related to sharing, outreach, supporting the work of teachers, know—all those things you'd want a well-run professional organization to do. Everyone seemed to have ideas and goals for how to use technology better to reach more Colorado math teachers, and I'm happy I'll be active in CCTM to see that happen.

The next session of the Northern Colorado Math Circles are on Monday, February 22nd. Contact Gulden Karakok or Delia Haefeli for more information or to RSVP.

The Front Range Math Ed Seminar (FRaMES) is now on Twitter at @FRaMESMathED. They had an event today that I missed, but I'll be listening to their listserv for details on the next gathering.