Planning for NCTM New Orleans 2014: The Research Conference

Fresh off the plane from AERA in Philadelphia, I have a few moments to share my plans for the NCTM Research Conference. As you can see, I occasionally fool myself into thinking I can be two places at once. Or in one case, four.


Julie Booth, Francie Eyer, and E. Juliana Paré-Blagoev (Room 217/218)

P. Holt Wilson, Paola Sztajn, and Jared Webb (Room 217/218)

Megan H. Wickstrom (Room 217/218)

William C. Zahner and Robert Afonso (Room 217/218)

Arthur Levine (Room 208/209/210)


Cliff Konold, Richard Lehrer, and Robert DelMas; Patrick W. Thompson, Discussant (Room 214)

Thomas R. Post, William Bush, and Robert Reys (Room 207)

Michelle Cirillo, John A. Pelesko, and Jinfa Cai; Christian R. Hirsch, Elizabeth Phillips, and Sherry Fraser, discussants (Room 214)

Robert P. Moses, Bill Crombie, Andre Hargunani, and José Antonio Orozco; OneLA- Industrial Areas Foundation, discussant (Room 208/209/210)

Members of the NCTM Research Committee, Members of the SIG/RME Board of Directors , J. Michael Shaughnessy, Patricia F. Campbell, Larry Hatfield, and Judith Sowder (Room 220/221/222)

(As you can see above, 10:00 is packed. I want to go to all of them and fear the regret of not seeing Bob Moses.)

Samuel L. Eskelson and Margaret Smith (Room 219)

Daniel Chazan, Orly Buchbinder, Justin K. Dimmel, Ander Erickson, and Kristi Hanby; Patricio G. Herbst and Randolph Philipp, discussants (Room 214)

Stephanie Casey, Nicholas H. Wasserman, David C. Wilson, and Adam Molnar (Room 207)

Corey Drake, Jill Newton, and Denise A. Spangler (Room 205)

Ilana S Horn, Nicole Bannister, Annie Fetter, Shauna Hedgepeth, Ashli J. Black, Justin Lanier, and José Vilson (Room 211)

Charles Munter, Richard Correnti, Anne Garrison, Lynsey K. Gibbons, and Kara Jackson; Deborah Loewenberg Ball, discussant (Room 214)

Raymond Johnson (Room 217/218)


Erica Walker, Daniel Chazan, Marta Civil, and Jacqueline Leonard (Room 219)

Lynsey K. Gibbons, Kara Jackson, Heather Lynn Johnson, and Jonathan N. Thomas (Room 220/221/222)

Philip Uri Treisman (Room 208/209/210)

Frederick Peck (Room 215)

Janine Remillard, Joshua Taton, Kara Jackson, Indigo Esmonde, and Anne Garrison Wilhelm; Mary Kay Stein, discussant (Room 219)

There are two more research sessions on Wednesday afternoon but I may very well take that time to prepare for my talk on Friday and/or try to process some of the above.